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Joyce Corrington Publishes Fear of Dying

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Allen Mendenhall

The late John William Corrington, known to friends and family as Bill, was a novelist, poet, attorney, screenwriter, essayist, and philosopher.  He authored several books of varying genres.  Click here to read my profile of Bill in The Front Porch Republic.     

Bill and his wife Joyce Corrington, a scientist, wrote a series of novels together, including So Small a Carnival (1986), A Project Named Desire (1987), A Civil Death (1987), and The White Zone (1990).  After Bill’s death, Joyce wrote a fifth novel that was never published—until now.  This fifth novel, Fear of Dying, has been published as a Kindle ebook and is available here.

Joyce Corrington is a kind and generous woman who has helped me in many different ways over the last few years.  Please buy this book and, if you like it, review it for the Kindle site.


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